Starlight Ridge Woodland Retreat“The intention of Starlight Ridge Woodland Retreat is that it be a place of peace, harmony, love, light and joy and through some evolution of that intention – the Universe has brought me and Starlight Ridge where we are today with the help of many friends.”—Katherine, Owner


Katherine’s Words of Wisdom (as she sees things anyway)

“I am getting quite a reputation among my family, friends and associates for insisting on having a positive attitude. Granted thinking positively is a bit short of a panacea, but it is certainly more productive than the alternative—a negative attitude. I was with some friends lately and I stated about my keeping a positive attitude. That led to further sharing that I figure positive thinking is going to support my joyful, healthy, happy life much more than negative thinking. You are encouraged to do the same. Blessings—” Katherine

Starlight Ridge Vacation Rental and Bed and Breakfast accommodations are now available. Come spend the night or weekend for a much deserved break from your busy lives. Choose from the Starlight Manor Guest Room, the Country Cottage and the Cottage Loft – all remodeled, redecorated and ready for YOU. Book your personal retreat today or bring some family and friends and enjoy the peace, quiet and natural woodland ambiance. You do deserve it, don’t you? Yes, you do!

Contact us online, call, text, or email Katherine today.

Introduction to Yoga Workshop

Saturday, September 29, 2018, 9:30 – 4:30 pm

Cost is $95, Include delicious lunch.

Space available for 6 students.

Experience several schools of yoga – exercise, therapy, philosophy, meditation, relaxation. Are you ready to drop that excess weight? Are you ready to improve your mood and outlook on life? Are you ready to be relaxed and better able to manage your day to day existence? Join us! You will be glad you did. Go to for registration form.

Rejuvenation/Relaxation Retreat

Saturday, October 20 through Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Starlight Ridge Woodland Retreat and Wellness Center is hosting a 5 day rejuvenation, relaxation retreat.

This take-care-of-your-self intensive includes healthy eating and cooking classes, yoga, meditation, guided relaxation, sound therapy, nature hikes, luxury lodging, delicious meals, outdoor fireside chats and more.

Register today.