Personal and Small Group Relaxation Retreats

Take advantage of this offer

  • Three days, two nights at Starlight Ridge Woodland Retreat
  • 4 weekly telephone follow-up consults
  • 33 Day + Commitment

Cost is $1,475 with 50% deposit at time of booking reservation.


  • Eight, 1-3 hour therapy sessions during retreat (2 – 3 per day)
      Possible therapies:

    • Lifestyle Evaluation and Assessment – Basic Diet and Exercise Plan
    • Complete Life Path Chart and Consultation
    • Sense of Self Life Coaching/Hypnotherapy Session
    • Successful Orchestration of Life Plan and Day to Day Agenda
    • Personal Practice Routine and Agenda
    • Dimensional Healing Session
    • Yoga/Meditation/Relaxation Session
    • Ionic foot baths
    • Ear Candling
  • * Four, 30-minute Post Retreat Telephone Follow Up Consults

*one per week for 1 month (mandatory)