To Thine Own Self Be True – Spiritual Awakening

Three Day Retreat at Starlight Ridge Woodland Retreat

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, June 14, 15 and 16, 2019

Know who you are to live the most fulfilling life possible. Connect to that inner spark and align with your soul. That is spirituality…that is your True Self. Connect with your spirit guides, teachers and helpers that are supporting you throughout your life. Meet your animal totem and receive the benefits of their vast wisdom. More powerfully connect with Mother Earth and Father Sky to harmoniously merge the two supportive energies into your daily life.

Let go of the false and outdated and embrace your new and more healthy, happy, wise more enlightened Self. Call now to reserve your space and become more fully Present in your life.

Experience life and health affirming breathing techniques, mind re-framing, yoga, meditation, emotional clearing and spiritual alignment that all supports you in achieving and maintaining your inner calm, peace, vibrancy – Your True Self. To be healthy, happy, whole and effectively orchestrate our lives successfully it takes keeping up in the many aspects of our existence. Learn, experience and utilize your full potential during and after attending this retreat. You deserve it.

Room for Six for this Spiritual Awakening Retreat. Call now to make your reservations. Balance due upon confirmation of reservation.

Contact Katherine Friday at (501) 470-9801 and to reserve your space and for more details.

Complete the registration form.

Retreat pricing is all inclusive with all meals, overnight accommodations and instruction. Enjoyment of the relaxing, rejuvenating, delightful woodland landscape, the labyrinth, walking trails, flower gardens, many outdoor sitting areas and more are all complimentary.

Starlight Ridge Woodland Retreat is a rejuvenation wellness center located on fifty-five acres of ridge tops and valleys. This neighborhood is filled with nature, wildlife and, as the name indicates, vibrant star gazing and magnificent sunrises and sunsets overlooking the mountain vistas in the distance. Get here by car (or I can pick you up at the Little Rock airport) and be prepared to revel in the peace, relaxing ambiance of your preferred choice of overnight accommodations and you are encouraged to strap on your hiking boots and enjoy the flora, fauna and magnificent landscape and views of the mountains a few miles away and the Little Rock skyline.

Starlight Room – $380 per person (double occupancy)

The Starlight room is located in the spacious beautiful Starlight Manor of 3,500 square feet of relaxing, peaceful ambiance and luxury. The Starlight room has a private entrance and private bath with a whirlpool bathtub. A small writing desk, two twin beds, padded window seat and spacious private closet also make this space inviting and comfortable. The view from this room is another attractive element supporting your enjoyable stay.

For a more homey environment, stay in the beautifully anointed Starlight room in the Starlight Manor with access to the library, dining/living/kitchen great room and many luxury amenities as well as enjoyment of the beautiful landscape. Experience the vibrant glorious ridge top sunset viewed from the privacy of your room and/or the 10-foot veranda accessed from your private entrance.

The Cottage $360 per person (double occupancy)

Recently remodeled, this peaceful quaint one room country cottage set in a soothing woodland landscape is beautifully decorated with a efficiency kitchen, dining area, sitting area, queen size bed, spacious closet and luxurious bath. Luxury and privacy is the theme for this beautiful space.

The Loft – $340 per person (double occupancy)

Recently remodeled, this quaint one room Loft is on the second floor of the cottage building with a private outdoor stairway entrance. It is set in a soothing, peaceful woodland landscape, beautifully decorated and equipped with an efficiency kitchen, dining area, sitting area, two twin size beds, spacious closet and private bath with shower.