Get a real taste of true Southern hospitality. This beautiful woodland getaway is located on fifty-five acres of beautiful ridge tops and valleys located in the heart of Arkansas between Little Rock and Conway. A peaceful, quiet and relaxing environment with warm, friendly Southern ambiance and grace will be your experience. Views of the surrounding mountains and valleys are breathtaking.

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Words of Wisdom

“It is time to celebrate traditional holidays and to evaluate where we are in our lives. Taking stock OFTEN allows us to recalibrate as the GPS likes to say. Are you living a fulfilling and satisfying life? You are the one to make that determination. If you are aware of some areas of your life that could use some updating and finessing, take action and get it done. The gauge is how you feel about you. Whatever it takes to not only love ourselves, also to like ourselves. That may sound mushy to some of you. Well – where are you in a scale of 1 – 10. Ten being – well, a 10 on your personal like yourself meter. If you feel less than that, then you have work to do. Check out the 2019 Retreat schedule and join us for rejuvenation, relaxation and learn to like who you are.” Blessings, Katherine

Give the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation. Starlight Ridge Woodland Retreat is a rejuvenation wellness retreat center located on fifty-five acres of ridge tops and valleys.

Starlight Ridge Woodland Retreat


Starlight Ridge is a perfect place for

  • Bed and Breakfast Accommodations
  • Personal and Small Group Relaxation Retreats
  • Personal and Group Day Retreats
  • Meetings
  • Small Intimate Weddings
  • Health and Wellness Services and Programs
  • Health and Wellness Classes and Workshops

You will feel the peace and tranquility welcoming you the moment you turn into the driveway.

Starlight Ridge

Come to the peace and quiet of the country and experience the warm, friendly Southern ambiance of Starlight Ridge.

You may also call Katherine at (501) 470-9801.