Self Care – Be Aware

“I have been asked lately by family and friends what have I been up to. Well, the answer is easy – either watering my gardens or pulling weeds out of my gardens. This time of year warrants attention to take care of the land and supporting the beauty it affords us. Make a concerted effort to do some communing with nature. REALLY stop and smell the roses. Watch the sun rise. Watch the sun set. Breath and slow down and open your eyes to the beauty around you. I was sharing with a student a while back about being busy. The good student that she is, she repeated my words back to me. She suggested I stop and smell the roses. I shared with her I had done that this very morning – while pulling weeds.” Blessings, Katherine

Starlight Ridge Woodland Retreat


Starlight Ridge is a perfect place for

  • Bed and Breakfast Accommodations
  • Personal and Small Group Relaxation Retreats
  • Personal and Group Day Retreats
  • Meetings
  • Small Intimate Weddings
  • Health and Wellness Services and Programs
  • Health and Wellness Classes and Workshops

You will feel the peace and tranquility welcoming you the moment you turn into the driveway.

Starlight Ridge

Come to the peace and quiet of the country and experience the warm, friendly Southern ambiance of Starlight Ridge.

You may also call Katherine at (501) 470-9801.