“I am thankful to be here now (where else can we really be?) Living too much in the past or the future takes our awareness away from the awesomeness of the present, making it more likely to miss wonderful, glorious moments of life. So stay present, be you here and now and embrace the blessings, magic and miracles to be experienced and witnessed that are right in front of us. Blessings to all.” Katherine

Rejuvenation/Relaxation Retreat

May 21 – 27, 2018

Starlight Ridge Woodland Retreat and Wellness Center is hosting a week long rejuvenation, relaxation retreat May 21 – 27, 2018.
This take-care-of-your- self intensive includes healthy eating and cooking classes, yoga, meditation, guided relaxation, sound therapy, nature hikes, luxury lodging, delicious meals, outdoor fireside chats and more. Get here by car (or I can pick you up at the Little Rock airport) and be prepared to revel in the peaceful, relaxing ambiance of your preferred choice of three lodging options and you are encouraged to strap on your hiking boots and enjoy the flora, fauna and magnificent landscape, walking trails, labyrinth and majestic views.

Starlight Ridge Woodland Retreat


Starlight Ridge is a perfect place for

  • Bed and Breakfast Accommodations
  • Personal and Small Group Relaxation Retreats
  • Personal and Group Day Retreats
  • Meetings
  • Small Intimate Weddings
  • Health and Wellness Services and Programs
  • Health and Wellness Classes and Workshops

You will feel the peace and tranquility welcoming you the moment you turn into the driveway.

Starlight Ridge

Come to the peace and quiet of the country and experience the warm, friendly Southern ambiance of Starlight Ridge.

You may also call Katherine at (501) 470-9801.